Thursday, May 10, 2012

My big girl finished her first year of preschool today. She's really sad that it's the last day as she LOVES going and is going to miss her teachers and her friends - we've had a lot of talks about this the last few days!

The above picture shows a side by side comparison of how much she has changed over the school year.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clearly, I stink at blogging

Well, I haven't posted a single thing since DECEMBER, and even then it was just the Christmas pictures of the girls. Things have been busy here at the Sinkula household, but honestly, I've just been lazy.

Lydia has been enjoying preschool and is getting too old too fast. I can't believe that we're nearing the end of her first year in preschool. She's made a lot of great friends, with a little girl named Annika being her best buddy in her class. She has learned to write her name, which I encouraged her to do by telling her that she would need to be able to write her own name on her Valentines for her classmates. I'm very proud of Lydia for keeping up with the older kids, some of the kids in her class are a full year older than her. Technically, she's in the class with the kids that will be a grade ahead of her once they start school, but she was ready to start this fall and I am glad we made the decision that we did. She's by far the most social kid in the class, so social that I've been talked to twice by the teacher for her kissing boys. Seriously, she's 3 - I'm gonna have my hands full with this girl :)

While Lydia is busy at preschool, Eliana and I have gotten to spend some well needed time alone together. We've gotten into a nice schedule where after drop off at school we head to the community center, she goes to kids care and I work out for an hour, and then we go home and I shower and we play and then go back and pick up Lydia.

Eliana is getting to be such a smart big girl as well - she'll be 2 in about 2 months, and she's learning new and exciting things every day. About 2 months ago she learned to count to 10 and has been saying her alphabet for about a month now. She's also actively participating in prayers before meal and bed and is able to recite a lot of the prayer along with us - it's very cute. She's a very smart little pumpkin who also knows how to push mommy and daddy's buttons. She sleeps like a champ and actually asks to go to bed when she's tired - how great is that?! I love this girl.

Right now Lydia and Eliana are enjoying spending time outside, riding their bikes, playing on the slides, blowing bubbles and flying kites. With the warm spring that we've had, it's been great getting to spend so much time outside. This winter was wimpy here in Minnesota, which was nice for a mom with two little ones - I didn't feel so cooped up this year.

I'm trying to think of everything that has happened, but it's so hard to summarize when it's been so long since I've blogged. Hopefully it won't be such a long time next time. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Pictures 2011

Visit with Santa

Lydia was extremely excited to see Santa. Eliana was a much bigger fan of Mrs. Claus.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

She's 3!!!

Somehow, my itty bitty baby Lydie turned into a smarty pants three year old right before my very eyes. On Monday, September 12 she FINALLY got to say that she is 3. It's been a long time coming, as most of her friends are older than her and we've been celebrating their birthday's for the past 6 months.

Monday morning I made her eggs (her favorite) and then we left the house to make it to our first day of ECFE for Eliana. This is a treat for Lydia as well, as she gets to be in Sibling Care with her friends while mommy and Eliana have class. Lydia loved this!

After school we met my parents and Elizabeth at Wendy's (Lydia's choice!) for lunch and then headed to Snail Lake Beach to swim for a little while since it was 90 degrees outside!! I figured it would be our last opportunity to swim outside until next summer, so why not take advantage of it. Here is a picture of the birthday girl in action:

That night, per her request, we had chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner and homemade chocolate cake which she told me she didn't like because it was "yucky"... oh to be 3! Next up, she wanted to go to the "inside whee park", which is the indoor playland at the Community Center. Brian and I took turns playing with the girls while the other worked out. It was a nice evening had by all.

Tomorrow is her Special Agent Oso themed birthday party at a local bowling alley with 13 of her friends and some family members. She's super excited... can't wait to bowl, eat pizza, see friends, and most importantly - DRINK SODA! This is a VERY rare treat for her, so she's totally excited for it. More pics to come after the big event.